Cedar Lanes closes doors after 5 decades

FRESNO, Calif.

Just about everyone walking out of the building Sunday was sad - heart-broken even.

For many this bowling ally has been a place they have grown up around.

Employees, ally sponsors and other special guests are bowled final frames Sunday evening.

For 52 years the crack of pins has been heard inside Cedar Lanes. The bowling ally, which some call an institution in Central Fresno, will soon be no more.

"It's always been there and it should always be there," Ava Averill of Fresno said.

Ava Averill and her good friend, Betty Kingston, have enjoyed Cedar Lanes for decades.

"We ate here all the time. The food was excellent. My son has bowled here since he first started bowling and he's 54," Kingston said.

The lanes are not just known to Fresno. Several national tournaments were held here over the years, including this one which aired on ABC in the early 1990s.

"It's a lot of family here. It's a great house. Too bad they don't have the old prime rid like they used to," Robert Barnes of Fresno said.

Robert Barnes has bowled here since he was a kid. Today was his last game.

"I did get a strike on the very last ball, so I do feel really good about that," he said.

This is a difficult day for these bowlers. Their favorite spot will soon be cleared out as the owners open the shopping center up for redevelopment.

Cedar Lanes isn't the only closure. About six other businesses here will also have to shut down as the property owners implement their new plans here.

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