Emotional homecoming for Valley airman

FRESNO, Calif.

Senior Airman Anthony Criado serves in the Air Force and returned home on break from a deployment to Afghanistan.

Criado is midway through his year-long deployment, so he'll get just 15 days to spend with his family.

Saturday, though, was big for him as he got to hold his three-month old son, Matthew, for the first time.

More than two dozen family and friends were waiting for him at the Fresno airport.

His two year old daughter Tatiana could not wait. She ran right up to her dad to give him a hug - as he walked through the doors here at FYI.

I'm told Criado has seen his son Matthew in pictures and video online, but this is the very first time he's been able to hold him, kiss him and play with him.

"I can't explain it. I'm mean I've only been able to see him in pictures or video Skype, but to be able to hold him is something else," Criado said.

While he gets to take some time to be with his loved ones, Criado will soon return to his job helping set up Afghan military communications equipment in Northern Afghanistan.

On Sunday Criado and his wife Victoria, who has also served in the Air Force, will baptize their son.

Criado will also be home to see his brother graduate high school later in the week. Once this break is over he will have to finish another six months overseas before returning to his base in Virginia.

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