Clean-up begins after a weird and powerful storm

FRESNO, Calif.

At Fresno-Yosemite International Airport, dust blew across the runway, and made the control tower nearly invisible.

In Downtown Fresno, leaves and trash swirled around, covering nearby streets. At Fulton Mall, shoppers struggled as they walked against the wind.

Jerry Castro of Fresno said, "We got on the bus, a nice sunny day. We get off and now going through this. If I had a skateboard and a kite, it would be a perfect day."

The rare wind storm knocked down trees and took out power lines. This crew told Action News; they had been inundated with calls beginning around 3:00, when the weather took an un-June-like turn.

David Ruiz with A&M Tree Service said, "Amazing, so many calls today. We can't even do the work."

Celeste Alba watched the storm nervously from the back window of her Central Fresno home. "As soon as that wind came, I said oh my god, this is not a safe wind at all."

She ran outside after a large tree fell over in her yard and crashed onto her neighbor's property. "I kept thinking woman that sounded like a gunshot or whatever, it was three big pops."

Alba and nearby residents immediately lost power. At one point, nearly 3500 PG&E customers in the Fresno area were without electricity. But, the damage extended to all parts of the Valley.

In Merced, a sudden downpour caught several people by surprise.

Shannen Gonzales of Merced said, "My jeans my hair my sweater and I went home and got my car and went somewhere else"

Some described the storm as odd, considering the warm weather we had just a day earlier.

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