Man arrested for attack on self-proclaimed white separatist

FRESNO, Calif.

Sheriff's deputies say a group of men attacked Bill Gaede, an admitted white separatist, at his home in the foothills near Squaw Valley.

North Valley authorities pulled over 41-year-old Sean Paul Guerrero for a traffic violation in Livingston back on May 16th.

Police soon found out that Guerrero had a warrant out for his arrest on charges related to the home invasion attack against Bill Gaede.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims says Gaede came home one day in April and was confronted by Guerrero and another suspect.

"A struggle ensued at which time Mr. Gaede was shot through the lip with a handgun. He was restrained and dragged into his home when the suspects started ransacking the house," Sheriff Margaret Mims said.

The group got away with guns, roughly $12 hundred dollars in cash and an unknown amount of marijuana.

The 79-year old Gaede told Action News he suffered a fat lip, black eye and staples in his head after being beaten and tied up.

"The guy stuck his gun in my mouth and he shot me twice and I went down there and I spit the bullets out," Gaede said.

Gaede drew media attention years ago when he announced his white separatist views.

Swastikas on his roof and vehicles proved to be polarizing for many people here in the Valley.

Ten years ago he chopped down the so-called "Madonna Tree" near Avocado Lake where hundreds of people believed they saw the Virgin Mary. Gaede at the time called it an eyesore.

Although he's never been convicted of a crime, Sheriff Mims denied him a concealed weapons permit, something Gaede says could have prevented the attack.

Sean Paul Guerrero faces charges of robbery, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, but sheriff's investigators are still looking for another suspect involved in the violent home invasion and are now asking for the public's help in finding them.

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