Kings County Deputy faces DUI charges while on the job


Deputy /*Scott Ward*/ has worked at the Kings County Sheriff's Office for nine years. The Navy Veteran works as a patrol deputy on an overnight shift.

Kings County sheriff's investigators say on Monday when Ward showed up to work at 5pm -- a colleague noticed he smelled strongly of alcohol during the deputies' briefing before their shifts.

Dave Putnam said, "He was out on a call for service and when we were made aware as management and supervisor staff he was brought back into the office instantaneously and not allowed to work anymore that evening."

Assistant Kings County Sheriff Dave Putnam says the California Highway Patrol was then brought in to conduct a field sobriety test on the deputy and test his blood alcohol level.

Putnam said, "It was over the legal limit based on the preliminary test it was over the limit for driving in California."

Putnam says Ward then apologized for his actions, and even admitted that he had something to drink prior to coming to work. The 49-year-old was then booked into the Kings County jail. He was held for six hours before he was released and given a date to appear in court on DUI charges.

"Just because he's employed as a deputy sheriff does not mean he is above the law," Putnam said. "If you commit a crime such as what he's suspected as committing driving under the influence it'll be submitted to the district attorney."

Ward is on paid admin leave pending the results of an internal investigation. He's scheduled back in court in July.

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