Two kids shot in two separate drive-by shootings in Tulare

TULARE, Calif.

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The first shooting happened at around 9:45pm on Cleveland Avenue in Tulare. A 9-year-old boy named Isaac was shot in the ankle as he was watching television in the living room. Then, just an hour later and about one mile away -- a 13-month-old girl was shot as she was outside a house on north Sacramento Street. A 20-year-old woman with the toddler was not injured. Police aren't sure if the shootings are related.

Sgt. Darron Altermatt said, "I don't have any info that they were the intended target I think due to their ages I would say they were probably not the intended targets of the shootings."

Local resident, Tammy Bourlier said, "It's ridiculous it's just ridiculous. I mean, no little kids, it's heartbreaking it really is."

Family members tell Action News that both children are still in the hospital recovering from bullet wounds.

In the video, Action News reporter Jessica Peres has complete coverage on the story.

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