Police need your help to find a Fresno murder suspect

FRESNO, Calif.

Family and friends of Dona Weisser started helping the widow move out of the home that turned into a tragic crime scene just two days ago. 65-year-old Michael Weisser was found dead inside the garage Monday evening.

Police say the suspect, 56-year-old Don Anderson, killed Weisser then kidnapped his wife at knifepoint -- dropping her off on a country road in Selma as he was looking for drugs. "He'd been on dope and stuff like that and Michael was trying to help him get off of it," said neighbor Russell Hammons. Hammons knew the Weisser's as generous people who invited Anderson into their home. "They're just good people trying to help out. He would do anything for you," he said, referring to Michael Weisser.

Michael and Dona Weisser were members of the International Worship Center in East Central Fresno and devoted their lives to giving back to the less fortunate. Through their ministry, the couple would distribute bread to homeless throughout the city.

But before welcoming Anderson into their home, the Weisser's knew little of his violent criminal past. Anderson Was convicted of rape in Yuba County in 1995. He also failed to register as a sex offender multiple times.

Action News interviewed Anderson three years ago for a special investigation on homeless sex offenders living in tent cities. Anderson asked us not to show his face at the time but what he had to say then appears to have been an eerie premonition. "There are two crimes that there are really, truly eternally victims. That is a sex offense against somebody and a homicide. I don't think those two particular crimes ever cure for the victim and people are aware of that," said Anderson in October of 2009.

A crime Weisser's family says it's now having to pay for as they cope with a tragic loss.

An autopsy is being performed to determine the actual cause of death. Police are still looking for Anderson and say he is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. If you have any information on his whereabouts, you're urged to contact law enforcement immediately.

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