Fresno murder & kidnapping suspect is in custody

FRESNO, Calif.

Anderson was arrested Thursday afternoon after police got a tip the suspect was seen around a Central Fresno neighborhood. Detectives passed out flyers with Anderson's face thereafter and got a call when he was seen inside a Rite-Aid store. That's where the arrest was made and caught by our news cameras.

Fresno police arrested the murder suspect outside the drug store on Olive and Blackstone in Central Fresno. Anderson was trying to conceal his identity with dark sunglasses and a black cap. A Rite-Aid employee recognized the suspect from flyers detectives handed out just hours earlier and immediately called authorities.

The arrest was made three days after police say Anderson killed 65-year-old Michael Weisser at his home in East Central Fresno -- then kidnapped his wife before releasing her in Selma.

Anderson was homeless when the Weisser's took him into their home two years ago without knowing his violent criminal past. Anderson was convicted of rape in 1995 and failed to register as a sex offender multiple times.

Family and friends say Weisser was trying to help Anderson straighten out his life. "He delivered bread to the homeless and that's how he got associated with [Anderson] and it's just horrifying to know you try to help somebody and this is the pay you get," said neighbor, Robin Caskey. Caskey knew Michael Weisser for more than 15 years.

She was saddened to hear about his death but finds some comfort knowing the suspect is now behind bars. "I'm glad that's justice and the people are aware of what's going on and try to get these criminals," said Caskey.

The family had no comment after the arrest was made but say their focus now is on funeral arrangements.

Anderson is being questioned by Fresno police and faces murder and kidnapping charges.

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