Not-so-sober grad night for Clovis Unified students

FRESNO, Calif.

The school district says sober grad night at Boomers is not a school event. It's put on by volunteers and parents. Police say four of the graduates changed the experience for everyone else.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "Four students decided to get drunk and create a bad night for the rest of the classmates."

A contracted Fresno police officer was working the event when those four teens showed up.

"Three of the students were very cooperative, parents came, and students were turned over," Chief Dyer said. "But one individual, an 18-year-old male was very intoxicated and resisted the officer's efforts to be escorted out."

Police say Vincent Lion, wasn't so cooperative.

Chief Dyer explained, "He began to resist the officer, which ultimately caused them to fall to the ground and be in a wrestling match and fight."

That fight got out of control, the officer tased Lion, and then turned him over to his parents.

Chief Dyer added, "The students dad did come to the location was not upset we tased him, but was upset with his son for his behavior and rightfully so."

Lion went to the hospital, and then to jail where he was booked on charges of resisting arrest, being drunk in public, and assault on an officer. Former graduates say they're worried about the future of sober grad for all Valley students.

"I really think that kid ruined it," Brent Wilson said. "Because now, every year going forward this school and other schools are going to look at it well now more kids will show up drunk and they'll need to take more precautions and it's going to get more strict and defeat the purpose of sober grad."

Derek Hill said, "It's pretty stupid, sober graduation, show up drunk, not a good idea."

And Thursday night the teen has been released from jail. Neither he, nor the officer, was seriously injured.

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