Record-breaking year for Kings County agriculture


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The county's top commodity was dairy with a total of $799 million. Farmer's credit new, big dairies and higher milk yield as contributors but say farmers are still battling high feed prices.

Kings County's second grossing commodity was cotton. The growing crop has increased in value and had more demand worldwide. Ag officials say high rainfall last year also helped bring Kings County's Ag values up.

Kings County Supervisor Doug Verboon said, "Water is the number one issue here in Kings County and if we can have it continually every single year that's the best infrastructure project we can have in the state of California."

Kings County Ag Commissioner Tim Niswander said, "In our county I think we may have had the most acreage of cotton plants in any county in the state and the price of cotton was good last year it covered the cost of production and better."

2012 may not fare as well for Kings County. Less rainfall and two separate disaster declarations for hail damage and a drought may bring numbers down.

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