A family feud turns deadly in Corcoran


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The alleged crime happened Thursday night in the city of Corcoran on Hall near Chase avenues.

Corcoran police say Jorge Guzman tried to intervene in a family disturbance involving his son, George Guzman Junior, when the son struck his father several times.

When police arrived, the 60-year-old father was responsive but suddenly had trouble breathing. He died at the hospital shortly afterwards. Investigators are still looking for George Guzman.

Corcoran Police Chief Reuben Shortnancy said, "He's failing to come forward family is cooperating and information and leads are coming in but he's still outstanding at this point."

Police say George Guzman is a state parolee with a history of violence. If you know his whereabouts, you're asked to call Corcoran police.

In the video, Action News reporter Jessica Peres has complete coverage on the story.

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