FCC students help to restore Fresno's Lowell neighborhood

FRESNO, Calif.

A little house is part of the big changes going on in Fresno's oldest neighborhood. Fresno City College student H. Steele is among those helping out. "I did a lot of the drywall and texturing that was put into the house, so everything you see behind me I cut out myself and did all the finishing touches."

Steele was part of the college's re-construction program. A six month course giving students hands on experience in home remodeling.

FCC Program Coordinator Tamara Glover said, "And they get 12 weeks of experience here, at a site like this where we partner with the housing authority they give us a house and the students do the work."

Yolanda Trinidad grew up in the house across the street. She said, "I've been in the neighborhood since I was four years old, it was 1969."

In recent years the housing authority, the city of Fresno, non-profit groups and individuals have rehabbed dozens of homes in the Lowell neighborhood.

"I think it's so neat. So nice," Trinidad said. "And I thank everyone that's participated, helped out to make the neighborhood look nicer, better. More people have moved in."

Even new homes have been built attracting folks like Kathy Mcilhargey. She and her husband came here from Clovis. "We've lived here for four years and we really enjoy the neighborhood. We enjoy living close to downtown."

This old neighborhood still needs some work but it is getting better one house at a time.

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