Prosecutors Association donates shoes to Kids

FRESNO, Calif.

As a part of the school's "character counts" program, students earn character cash when they are spotted doing the right thing at school and respecting fellow students. Kids can then take the character cash and buy items at a school store.

The Prosecutors' Association collected and donated 400 pairs of new or lightly used shoes and sandals to the store -- giving students the opportunity to buy them for the bargain price of one character dollar.

"We want to reward the students for their students for their hard work throughout the school year. It's the last store of the year, so to speak, so we wanted to make it an extra special one," said Deputy District Attorney William Terrence.

The Prosecutors' Association first worked with the students at Martin Luther King Junior Elementary School last year when they donated Christmas gifts to the students after another charity backed out due to financial reasons.

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