Diverse summer camp options for Valley kids

FRESNO, Calif.

Those are some of the adventures Valley children can experience this summer.

School may be out for summer, but that doesn't mean your child's learning has to come to a screeching halt.

There are literally dozens of summer camps in the Central Valley this year offering students both sports and scholastics.

At Bark Sports Camp at Fresno State, campers never stop moving.

The idea - to keep their minds and bodies in tip top shape without being confined to the classroom.

"I've been with them for like 3 years and it's really fun because we get to do a lot of sports and sometimes we get to go swimming and go on field trips," 11-year-old Aamiah Finley said.

Another family favorite in the Valley is Summer Adventure Camp at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

"Right now we're doing arts and crafts in this room, we also have theme theater arts, they also learn about biofacts, hands on furs and skulls and things like that," education specialist Sandy Pitts said.

Each week has it's own theme and there are three camps broken up for different age groups.

Cubby Camp is a week long, half day program for ages three to five, Zoo Adventures is a 9-4, full day camp for ages 5-11, and Young Naturalist is for older students 11 through 17, providing teens and pre-teens with a more in-depth exploration of scientific zoo-related topics.

"This is a water based theme, under the sea. Last week it was land before time so it was about prehistoric and dinosaurs and Ice Age mammals," Pitts said.

Learning and leisure - it's what summer is all about.

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