Fresno plans to install an ice rink at the Fulton Mall

FRESNO, Calif.

The Fulton Mall is where city officials hope to set up a slick new ice rink. It would be about 6000 square feet so we could accommodate anywhere between 200-250 skaters per hour so people can really enjoy it.

Kate Borders with the Downtown Fresno Partnership is spearheading the effort to raise the cash in a rather unusual way. It involves literally going over-the-edge for Downtown Fresno.

Borders said, "When you think about rappelling it has to be off a really tall structure so it makes downtown the only viable option for this event."

On Saturday people will rappel from the 15th story of the Pacific Southwest Building. Organizers say although it looks scary, it's safe.

Borders said, "The biggest incident they have ever had after 100s of events is potentially a scraped knee and that usually happened on the ground when somebody is walking around."

Every participant must raise a thousand dollars to step over the ledge. The goal is to hit a $100 thousand bucks.

Heather Heinks has already signed up. She said, "There's a two-fold experience here, I get to do a bucket list experience and I get to raise money for the cause."

Organizers say installing an ice rink in the area will attract more people downtown.

Tammi Myers used to frequent the area 30 years ago. "There's nothing to draw you here."

But she says she'll skate her way through Downtown Fresno if an ice rink is installed. And that's the response city officials are hoping for.

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