Fresno's top cop hits the streets

FRESNO, Calif.

On Tuesday detectives and officers who usually police schools hit the streets - including Chief Jerry Dyer.

Murders are up from last year, burglaries are up and so are shootings. Even gang members admit it's heating up in Fresno. Police are keeping the peace by constant patrols.

Black and white patrol cars are now swarming hotspots in Fresno.

A list of Fresno's troubled areas points officers to where crime is up or places gang members are teaming up to terrorize neighborhoods.

During a ride along with Action News on Monday, gang members confirmed what Police Chief Jerry Dyer has been saying for weeks: it's getting intense on the streets - "heavy", according to gang members.

Feuds are brewing and drugs and guns are switching hands often.

"But we're going to intervene. And we're going to stop that violence from ever occurring in the first place. That's the purpose of our deployment throughout the summer," Chief Dyer said.

Street by street and one gang member at a time, the Police Department is battling hundreds of Fresno gang members.

Two men confronted by the Chief in Southwest Fresno with Action News was there were both validated gang members. One wearing a hat on began his conversation with the chief by yelling an expletive at him.

But the conversation ended with this gang member asking a favor. He wants off the gang validation list.

"It takes 5 years. You either admitted to it at the time. Did you admit to it?" Chief Dyer asked the man.

The chief surveyed some of the troublesome areas in the city to see the crimes victims and families are dealing with and the issues officers are facing.

Police were called out to a disturbance at a tow yard involving a gang member who was trying to get his car out of evidence. It was impounded Sunday night after officers found a gun in it.

The chief says an increase in some crimes has concerned many residents.

"90 Percent of the people that live there are good people. It's the ten percent of the people that were trying to address. But we want the 90 percent to know were keeping them safe and we want the 10 percent of the people, the gang members to know, the ones that are selling drugs, that we're keeping an eye on them," Chief Dyer said.

The Police Department's stepped up patrols seem to have made a difference.Last week, there were only three shootings all week and just one was gang related.

The enforcement will continue all summer long.

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