China Peak Ski Resort summer kick off begins

FRESNO, California

The resort endured a rough winter season raking in only about two-thirds of the normal revenue per year.

Tim Cohee says the lack of snow actually helps his staff prepare for the summer season ahead. This time last year, crews were scrambling to get rid of snow to clear the bike trails.

Another highlight will be the summer concert series that brings entertainment for people to enjoy.

China Peak Ski Resort CEO Tim Cohee said, "We're taking a different approach to concerts. We found talking to people and they say you know what we really like are these new tribute bands. They're not new, they've been around forever. And they're super high quality."

The first group of bands will play this weekend and China Peak will host another event in August.

Cohee says reservations are up by 100-percent and rental bikes and other fun activities are booked solid.

In the video, Action News reporter Tommy Tran has complete coverage on the story.

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