Fresno murder suspect kills wife with her gun

FRESNO, Calif.

Police say the shooting happened at their home near Ezie and Dakota around 10:30 Monday night. Their kids were in a room, nearby.

Witnesses say Daniel Galvan was drunk and high on methamphetamine, when he shot and killed his wife Monday night. The suspect's family says Galvan used the gun his wife bought to protect herself from him.

The suspect's doesn't want to show her face. She also lives in the home and was in the front yard when she heard a commotion.

"When I hit the doorknob to my screen door, I backed up because that's when I heard five to six gunshots. I then heard my nephews running down the hall screaming. What did you do? Where's mommy? Is she ok, did you kill her? Then he said no, then he said yes, then he said everything will be alright."

Galvans sons are just four and nine years old. Family members say they were among several other family members who were home when the violence broke out.

Family members say the couple got into an argument Saturday but made up on Father's Day. It's unclear what led to Monday's shooting, but those who live in the home say the suspect was in a bad mood hours before he killed his wife.

"He was really being negative and kind of pushing everyone to the side. He had a really bad attitude and a look in his eyes. It just seemed like there was a dark cloud over him."

Fresno police say Galvan is a bulldog gang member with a lengthy criminal past. Late last year, family members say Annmarie Galvan worried about her safety when she got a restraining order against him and bought a gun. Police say the couple has a long history of ups and downs.

Mark Salazar with the Fresno Police Department said, "They were in a relationship, 12 years married, they had been separated for several months but recently had gotten back together in the past two weeks. Don't know what sparked last night's shooting."

Family members say Galvan was sentenced to drug rehabilitation during an unrelated sentencing several months ago. But, he never followed through or showed up.

The couple's children are now staying with family members. As of earlier Tuesday, they had not yet been told that their mother had passed away.

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