Valley Works: Success Stories

FRESNO, California

Cathy Frost with Bennett Frost Personnel Services said, "There is no way I want to make this sound easy. Getting a job today is tough period."

But for some the hard work is paying off. Action News showed you Kristina Richardson last February. She was learning how networking could help in her job search. Richardson's contacts did pay off and she eventually found work. Remember 24-year-old Joshua Furch; he was hoping temporary employment would lead to a permanent job.

Furch said, "Maybe somebody will see my work history employment history or my resume and hire me."

According to managers at PrideStaff, the temporary agency that placed Joshua, he is now working for a company that wants to hire him as a permanent employee.

Action News introduced you to Brian Baker, 56, back in April. Like many older job seekers Brain is among the long term unemployed. According to the latest job numbers that group makes up 43 percent of all jobless Americans and they have the toughest time getting back to work.

Baker, who has a masters and law degree worked as a law Liberian before being laid off almost three years ago. He works part-time and says his job search is going ok. He hasn't landed a full time position yet but Brian says he is hopeful.

"I think I've had a pretty good number of interviews," Baker said. "I think the jobs are getting better, I am just not breaking through yet."

Action News just introduced you to Eddie Hindt, 30, last week. Eddie is a former construction worker. He was learning a new skill as a solar installer by volunteering for Grid Alternatives, a nonprofit that offers job building skills through volunteerism. Hindt applied for a job at a local solar company the same day we interviewed him. Eddie was hired last Tuesday, the day after his story aired on Action News.

"Going to work has been fun, definitely a blast," Hindt said. "The last few nights i couldn't sleep. It's nice to work and have weekends off. I am not sure what i'm going to do with myself."

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