Marshalls holds job fair in Madera

MADERA, Calif.

When the gates opened at seven o'clock Monday morning more than a hundred people filled the sidewalk next to the Madera County Workforce Investment Center.

Marshalls is getting ready to open a brand new store in Madera on Cleveland near Highway 99. They're looking to fill 90 part time positions.

High school grad Karen Orduna is one of the many hopefuls looking to land a second interview. She said, "I'm excited I hoping to get this job because I've been actually searching for a job for a good year already."

Orduna was among the first in line -- walking a half hour from her home in Madera to get to the job fair at five o'clock Monday morning. What separates her from the others she came with is a lack of college experience.

"Because all of them graduated, I'm not actually graduated yet," Orduna said. "They've been telling me their experiences of how it is the real world after they graduate and everything. They've been unemployed for a couple of years as well."

By nine o'clock Monday morning the line almost doubled -- wrapping well around the corner of the building.

Lupe Lopez came to the job fair after watching our report on Action News AM Live.

Reporter asked, "Is it a little intimidating?"

Lopez replied, "Actually no, I am pretty confident and I'm hoping for the best even though there was people ahead of me."

The Madera County Workforce Investment Center is helping Marshalls conduct these job interviews. Executive Director Elaine Craig says even though these jobs are only part time -- they served as a much needed boost to the community.

"Ten years ago part time jobs was just a sort of put a little extra money into your pocket," Craig said. "Now it's about possibly adding to another job to another job, to try and create a full time type of employment situation in a home."


The new Marshalls location is on Cleveland and Highway 99 near the Lowe's Home Improvement store.

Madera Workforce Development
441 E. Yosemite
Madera, CA
Monday, June 25, 2012
Doors open at 7 a.m.

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