Man accused of wife's murder refused going to court

FRESNO, Calif.

Moments after Annmarie Galvan, 41, was murdered, her husband, Daniel Galvan was arrested and taken to jail.

His family members told Action News, Daniel was drunk and high on meth, when he shot his wife, using a gun she bought to protect herself from him.

Friday morning Galvan refused to come to court. But, a public defender got him to cooperate Friday afternoon.

Public Defender Jane Boulger said, "It wasn't aggressive defiance, it was the fact that he was just lying on his bed. So it wasn't that he was fighting or doing anything. So, I just made him promise me that he would come, just this one time and we would go from there."

Jail officials say the bulldog gang member is having conflicts with other inmates and may have been in a fight since he was booked Tuesday.

One of Daniel Galvan's family members told Action News about his behavior, "He is just on a come down and can't face what he did. We knew once he came off the drugs he was going to be crazy."

Friday afternoon, the attorney who entered a not guilty plea for Daniel Galvan say there's definitely something going on with his mental state.

"He wasn't making eye contact, he wasn't able to really discuss anything, but I got him to listen to me. And so I am concerned that he has just completely shut down."

The victim's family members were very upset when they left court and did not want to make a statement.

Daniel Galvan's relatives did not show up to court, but a few are not surprised to hear word of what they say happened that night is quickly spreading amongst inmates.

They told Action News, "We knew, people are mad that he did that with his kids in the house. You can't get away with that stuff."

Jail officials say they have already moved Daniel Galvan to different cells twice. He is segregated from the general population, and may have just one roommate.

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