UCSF Fresno underwent a boot camp

FRESNO, Calif.

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Instead of books and tests the interns are now diving into real life scenarios using mannequins to help get them acclimated to being inside a hospital emergency room.

Under the watchful eye of faculty and resident physicians first year residents like Melissa practice a variety of methods including adult and pediatric care, airway management and advanced cardiac support.

"We've been here the past few days," Dr. Melissa Dowd said. "We're getting a lot of like computer training and we're getting to know one another. But today you know going through all the stations and kind of learning these key skills that we're going to really be depending on when we get on the floors and get into the ED, it's been very exciting. Yeah."

This was UCSF Fresno's first ever clinical boot camp. They expect to hold this event every year for first year residents.

In the video, Action News reporter Tommy Tran has complete coverage on the story.

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