Drum Corps International Tour comes to Clovis

FRESNO, Calif.

Thousands of people watched the intense competition of the Drum Corps International Tour.

Among the teams competing are the Blue Devils. They're one of 9 teams from all over the country competing for the best performance scores.

"People that have never seen a competition like this usually walk away being amazed," tournament host Jason Kuyper said.

"One of the reasons I'm hosting this event is to kind of give back to the activity and it's a fundraising event for the programs I'm in charge of too. It's a win-win situation," Kuyper said.

Kuyper's "real" job is that of a music teacher, but the drum and bugle corps is his passion.

They're an elite post high school group. You have to audition to get in and then the talented musicians travel the country and world seeing the competition before the world finals.

"They basically rehearse all day, compete at night, get on the bus and travel to the next one and do the same thing almost the entire summer," Kuyper said.

"It's just a great environment. You learn so much - I've learned a lot personally," Blue Devil bass player David Kelly said.

This is David's last year because players "age out" after they turn 21. The Clovis West grad is closing a chapter off his life.

His focus always been the drum line.

"After this I can go off and be successful in my life because of the dedication and hard work I've put into this," Kelly said.

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