Dinuba man scratched his way to a big payday

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Luis Osejo*/ bought that winning ticket Sunday at the Downtown Dinuba Market. On Monday, he drove all the way to Sacramento along with his wife, parents, and a dozen others to turn it in. He came home with new clothes, a giant check, and big plans for the future. He hopes to buy his parents a home with the winnings. "My parents, all of us grew up in the fields picking oranges. So to me, this is life changing, to get a million dollars. I'm not going to have my parents work in the fields anymore. My dad's a truck driver. He's never home," said Osejo.

Osejo said he and his wife had a hard time believing they had won, even after they had it checked twice by a store clerk.

As word spread about a local man's big win, the Downtown Dinuba Market started buzzing and people lined up to try their luck. Owner Brian Park has dozens of winning tickets are on display over the register, but he said this is a first. "It's my first million dollar winner. I'm very excited. I've never had this kind of luck before," said Park.

Park will receive a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket and he believes there is more luck to go around. He plays daily and shares in his customer's dreams of winning big. "I'm proud. I'm happy for them," said Park.

As for Osejo... well, his days of buying tickets aren't over, either. "For the people out there, keep scratching. You could be the next winner," said Osejo.

Osejo and his wife were told it could be a couple of months before they get their real check. In the meantime, he said he would take some time off, hire a lawyer, and start house-shopping.

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