Sanger police release 9-1-1 tapes in OIS

FRESNO, Calif.

The call is about 8 and a half minutes long and ends before Salinas' confrontation with police.

Dispatcher: "9-1-1, state your emergency."
Salinas: "I want to kill myself."

When asked why he wanted to hurt himself, Salinas told a Fresno County dispatcher it was just time for him to die.

Dispatcher: "Are you armed at all?"
Salinas: "Yes."
Dispatcher: "What are you armed with?"
Salinas: "I have a nine millimeter."
Dispatcher: "Any other weapons?"
Salinas: "Yes, two... two knives."

Salinas told a dispatcher he was standing in front of his childhood home but said he wanted to move away from the residential neighborhood so no one else would get hurt. Salinas told the dispatcher to tell officers to shoot him and repeatedly said no one else was in danger.

Salinas: "There's no way to do it without shooting me unless I move an aggressive movement, right? An aggressive posture or something like that? I know they won't do it unless I jump towards them?"

Investigators say Salinas was first confronted in an alley and reached for his waistband twice before running away. The next time officers approached, he was in a flowerbed in front of an auto parts store. Three officers opened fire after they said he refused to follow their commands and made a quick movement. "They would have loved for him to come out and comply and do what needs to be done and get him the help he needed. But there are some people that are not going to let that happen," said Fresno County Sheriff's Department Spokesperson Chris Curtice.

Salinas hung up with the dispatcher before officers ever arrived at the scene. Her call back went to voicemail. The Fresno County Sheriff's Department is investigating the shooting. Salinas ended up being unarmed.

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