UC Merced sees spike in summer school

MERCED, California

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Administrators made a change to the schedule this year to allow more students to take advantage of summer school. In the past, they've offered a six week session and an eight week session that started at the same time. But this year, the second session started as the first one was ending.

Nearly one-thousand students enrolled in both. Many say they're hoping it will help them graduate on time.

Xochitl Roman said, "I think it's better if you try to graduate in four years, unless you do like say double major or something, but I always think four years is better just so you're on track with your life and stuff."

Only about 27 percent of students who enrolled at UC Merced in 2007 graduated in four years.

In the video, Action News reporter Sara Sandrik has complete coverage on the story.

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