FPD investigate vandalism at police substation

FRESNO, Calif.

The suspect or suspects had to scale a fence to get in. It happened sometime overnight and police aren't saying much about the crime spree that ended with thousands of dollars in damages.

It took hours Friday morning to replace dozens of flat tires at the Northeast Fresno police substation... 50 tires were slashed... And 26 patrol cars were vandalized. Anti-police messages were also spray painted on cars before the suspect or suspects got away.

Burke Farrah of the Fresno Police Department said, "The crooks know what they did. We know what they did. We're asking for the public's help. If the public saw anything overnight at the Northeast district at Cedar and Teague."

Top officials at the Fresno Police Department say they are taking this crime personally. They did not want us to show you the messages the vandals left, but none of the graffiti indicated the suspect or people responsible are part of a gang or tagging crew. Investigators are trying to narrow down who may be responsible and the motive.

Police will not say if the parking lot has surveillance cameras or if they have identified any suspects, but based on the amount of damage during a short time period, its likely more than one person is to blame.

"A substantial reward will be provided if we have an arrest for this act of vandalism against the citizens of the city of Fresno," Farrah said.

Damages are still being calculated. The graffiti removal team was also out here cleaning up the mess. One officer's personal motorcycle was also vandalized during the crime spree.

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