Summer camp at Fresno State cultivating young movie makers

FRESNO, Calif.

Somewhere in this room on the campus of Fresno State just might be the next Quentin Quarantino or Halle Berry. This week about three dozen kids between 4th and 8th grade are learning how to make mini movies as part of the Kids Invent! Summer Camp.

Stefani Trevino, the director of Kids Invent! Summer Camp, said, "Throughout the week the guys and girls they write their scripts and storyboards and they write it all out, they act and create their own props. Basically they are the actors producers of their films."

Instructors work with the kids to come up with ideas and teach basic video production, but its up to the kids on how elaborate and hi-tech they want their movies to be.

"All these kids have ipod iphones, camera phones...they're able to get on the computer and edit. Then I have parents asking me about homework or where can I buy software. The parents are so surprised at how fast the kids pick it up as well,' Trevino said.

Growing up in this computer age is definitely an advantage for these kids. With all the special effects there's no limit as to what these young filmmakers can do. In fact you might be surprised as to what these kids come up with.

10-Year-old Atticus Boone actually came up with a CGI special effect to make the action hero in his movie disappear.

Boone said, "I really liked the 1930's movie the invisible man. They used cloth to do his invisibility, so its sort of like that actually. Except for a lot more computer editing."

Most kids, like 11-year-old Aamiah Finley had never used editing software or camera equipment before this week, but after five days she's ready to take home an Oscar.

"We did a commercial a silent film and our final movie," Finley said.

Today's final day of camp wrapped up with the kids turning in a 5-10 minute movie.

Trevino said, "Every year the videos get a little more hi tech, so we have a lot to look forward to this afternoon."

Each weekly session of kids invent costs $279 dollars and the theme of the camp changes from week to week.

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