Valley non-profits compete for fireworks money

FRESNO, Calif.

Some offer raffles, snow cones, even this bargain book of deals -- all of it in hopes you'll make their Fourth of July profitable.

"We're just like savage tigers going for the meat of the money," said Leon Velasco of Fresno, "We're just taking a look to see what other companies offer and shop around and see where our best price would be for our money."

Velasco is a bargain shopper, even when it comes to fireworks and his Fourth of July. But he's not the only one looking for a deal. On the other side of the stand is a non-profit organization hoping your buck will stop there.

"Everybody's trying to get the upper edge on everybody," said fireworks stand owner Sidney Boolootian.

Boolootian is running his stand for the Armenian school. He even went as far as finding a different firework supplier to make sure his stand, stands out. "There's too many stands! It's too competitive they're all crossing each other and across the street from each other and I can't see how you get the upper hand when you have a stand across the street from each other."

Each city and county has different rules when it comes to fireworks. Some are on the lottery system, and some are grand-fathered in. Either way if your name is called, your non-profit stands to profit.

"So far its been worth it. Our sales have increased each day. Today, tomorrow, obviously Wednesday will be bigger days," said Eric Schmidt with the Fresno County Deputy Sheriff's Association.

Fourth of July sales will benefit the Fallen Police Officer's Memorial. "Its being able to support those families, being able to give back to a family or loved one of officer killed in line of duty. That's primarily why we do this."

Schmidt is hoping those who celebrate with fireworks will head his way, but so is every stand, on nearly every Valley corner.

California law states the stands can only stay open through the 6th. Generally the majority of the sales will be made on the 3rd and 4th.

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