Valley law enforcement cracking down on drunk drivers

FRESNO, Calif.

Fireworks aren't the only bright lights people may see out. The CHP started cracking down on drunk drivers last night and will pick up their enforcement efforts later this evening.

California Highway Patrol officers are out in full-force making sure the roads stay safe this holiday.

"We're looking for everything from dui drivers, we're wanting people to keep their speed down, watch their speed down on the highways," Dusty Manning of the Highway Patrol said.

Officers like Dusty Manning have been hitting the roads to beef up enforcement efforts, specifically looking for drivers under the influence.

"We have a lot of fatalities out of collisions, DUI collisions," Manning said.

July Fourth is the day Americans celebrate their independence, but it's also considered the deadliest day of the year to be on the road.

According to the AAA, July 4 ranks number one for overall traffic fatalities. Teen drivers make us nearly ten percent of those deaths.

"We're trying to push hopefully the person who has been drinking, that they designate a sober driver, they can call a friend," Manning said.

Officers are also making sure drivers obey traffic rules.

On Tuesday night a motorcycle rider was speeding on Whitesbridge Road in Fresno County when he hit a Cadillac in front of him.

The rider died from his injuries. Authorities are looking into whether alcohol played a factor in the crash.

It's accidents like those officers say are preventable. Even with the extra patrols, there are always those who don't follow the law.

"You're probably going to have your certain few that don't listen, don't care. Are still going to be out here on the road and that's why we're out here and that's why we do this," Manning said.

Aside from the maximum enforcement efforts by the CHP, local law enforcement will also have special DUI checkpoints throughout the Valley through Thursday morning.

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