Triple digits returning to the Central Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

Holt said by midday, high levels of particulate matter had returned to normal. But the return of triple digit temperatures is prompting new air quality concerns. "What happens is day after day the pollution builds up and we don't have a breeze come and clean it out and so we start to see really unhealthy ozone levels in the Valley," said Holt.

While the Valley braces for the extreme heat, some businesses are staying busy offering people relief from the heat. Expo Party Rentals has all of its fans rented out for the next two weeks and swamp coolers are going fast. "We've been getting calls all day for events, small parties, big events, and fans and ways to stay cool and all of our equipment is already out. People grabbed it as soon as they started to see that forecast," said marketing director Amanda Simeon.

In Northwest Fresno, Joseph Potter is also gearing up for a busy weekend. Potter sells snow cones at Lions Park seven days a week. "When people bring their families by, I love being able to give it to them. It makes people happy makes me happy," said Potter.

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