Recognition for a Chowchilla soldier

FRESNO, Calif.

"I probably caught more fish today more than I have in my entire life," Jonathon Gideon said. "It's been a blast, relaxing, nice."

Jonathon Gideon has seen a lot of life in his 21 years. Just last year, the Army Specialist was finishing his mission in Afghanistan, it was getting dark and then there was an explosion.

"My truck was hit with an IED," Gideon said. "I was ejected out of the top of the truck."

His friend didn't make it through. Gideon fractured his leg and ankle. A medal rod now stands where his bones should be.

Gideon pointed out, "I have my big scar right here and then two long scars on my leg on each side."

Because he's been through so much, local North Valley companies contributed to a fishing excursion on Eastman Lake.

"A day like today taking him out its nothing in comparison to what they go through for us for our freedom," Jonathan Myers said.

For Gideon, who still lives and recovers at his base in Texas, it was yet another show of support from his home town.

"Its weird for me to say and I never thought I could say that that many people cared about me," Gideon said. "It came out of nowhere so many people in my community were there to help me and my family."

He says he can't say thank you enough. Once doctors allow him to, he'll be back at home, back in the town he loves.

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