Good Sports: Filipino Stick Fighting

FRESNO, Calif.

Clovis' Delfina Lucero lights up when talking about her children, eight-year-old Jacob and seven-year-old Joshua.

"I'm very proud of them. We've worked hard with them," Delfina said. "Watching them show interest and having them bring their bags in and saying ok well do you want to compete? Sure."

She and her husband Antonio, teach Filipino Stick Fighting in Clovis, and whatever they're teaching their kids, is working.

This past March, both Jacob and Joshua won four gold medals apiece at the Filipino Martial Arts National Championships in Las Vegas.

The wins mean the boys will represent the United States in the world championships later this month in the Philippines. There the boys will compete in disciplines that include, weapon self-defense, single and double live-stick fighting, and knife fighting.

"Jacob is exceptional because he's very focused on the task at hand. He's a technical fighter," Delfina said. "Joshua is very enthusiastic and he's just a naturally athletic child."

And the boys will be sure to compete with utmost respect and diplomacy, two traits their parents stress both at home and in training.

"They have the opportunity as a young child to go out in the world and to show good sportsmanship and to positively represent their county," Delfina said. "And you don't get that very often."

In the video, Action News reporter David Bataller has complete coverage on the story.

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