Big Brothers, Big Sisters celebrates grant win

FRESNO, Calif.

The event celebrated a win for the non-profit which submitted a video as part of Old Navy's "Funnovation Nation" contest.

Groups had to explain why they needed grant money, and the Central Valley organization won.

About 15 hundred people are expected to have taken part in a big party called "Funnovation Nation."

The celebration took place because Fresno is now one of four lucky cities nationwide that won a contest with Old Navy.

As winners they got a chunk of cash and a visit from a popular sitcom star.

Actor Joey Lawrence who now stars in Melissa and Joey and is well-known for his role in the 90s sitcom, blossom joined hundreds of others at Woodward Park to celebrate a big boost for a local non-profit.

The celebration was also a chance for Krio Granger to hang out with his big brother, Vince Perez.

"I come from the family when I am the youngest so I never got the opportunity to actually be a big brother to somebody," Perez said.

Krio and Vince were matched through Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central California.

Staff members at Big Brothers and Sisters are optimistic more kids like Krio will now get a chance to feel that pride.

The non-profit is now getting a $10 thousand grant from Old Navy.

Organizers say they plan on using the money to get more people like vince to meet kids like Krio.

"Organizations like this are helping these children in any way possible to help them avoid making bad decisions and hopefully giving them role models that they can look up to and aspire to be," Joey Lawrence said.

The non-profit is looking for people to put in a little time and make the difference in the life of a child. For more information, visit the Big Brothers, Big Sisters website.

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