Bikers get chance to enjoy summer at China Peak

FRESNO, Calif.

This weekend, mountain-biking enthusiasts are riding down the rough trails China Peak Resort has to offer.

"You'll see a lot more rock sections, natural terrain and stuff that makes it even more challenging to riders," bike park manager Evan Turpen said.

China Peak opened its biking trails for the summer season a few weeks ago and has seen an increase in attendance since launching last year.

"We're averaging about 50 percent more people per day than we did last year, so obviously we built a lot of momentum," China Peak Resort CEO Tim Cohee said.

The perfect biking conditions in this warm weather makes up for the disappointing winter season that devastated the ski resort.

"You had 2011 with a monster, monster snow year followed by a monster, monster drought. So hopefully we see something better this year," Cohee said.

But all eyes now are on the top of the peak

"If you want to ride a mountain like this, you have to hike up or shuttle up, but we figure the lifts are probably a good alternative to that," Sam Rodriguez said.

But before taking the ride downhill, riders get to experience the incredible view of the Sierra.

China Peak offers more than 10 biking trails, 2 of which are for beginners.

"We want people to be able to come up and ride with their kids and their family. And we do have a trail for that right now but I think we can do better," Turpen said.

Crews at the resort have been improving the bike park with more trails well underway - a good mix of paths for both pros and beginners to enjoy during the summer months.

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