Clovis Community Hospital in midst of major transformation

CLOVIS, Calif.

The rapid construction is a welcome sound for Chief Executive Officer Craig Castro, who has seen the hospital transform into a sprawling medical facility.

"I'm excited, kind of like a father, because each step of the way we're getting bigger and bigger," said Craig Castro, Clovis Community Medical Center C.E.O., about the hospital's progress.

The campus is undergoing $300 million worth of changes. So far, the outpatient center has been renovated, a 650 plus parking garage has been constructed and the walls are going up in the new medical office building. More renovations are also on the horizon.

"The bed tower, which is all private rooms, will open November 7, so in less than four months," Castro said about the latest progress at the hospital. "Then on the backside we've expanded our operating rooms, laboratory, pharmacy, emergency room and we're even adding a nursery for all the babies we're delivering."

C.E.O. Craig Castro says not only is the renovation good for patients, he believes it's good for the economy. The hospital hopes to add hundreds of jobs over the next few years.

Clovis City Council member Nathan Magsig says the project is a boost to the Clovis economy.

"They are going to be spending their dollars in the metropolitan area, so you have a rippling effect. That one investment by the hospital is going to benefit the city of Clovis and the surrounding communities as well," said Nathan Magsig, Clovis City Council Member, about the impact of new jobs to the area.

When it opens in fall of 2013, Clovis Community will be the area's first full service hospital.

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