Clock is ticking for Medina's Family Restaurant


The food fight between the owners of this restaurant and the Tulare County Board of Supervisors just got a bit messier after Tuesday's vote that opens the possibility of a new food service vendor taking over.

Medina's Family Restaurant has been serving up customers at Tulare County Courthouse in Visalia for fifteen years now, but its long run may be coming to an end.

Luis Medina said, "We can be out of here by the end of the month, I mean close down by the end of the month."

Owner Luis Medina's contract to operate out of the courthouse basement was not renewed by the board of supervisors and has since been working on a month-to-month lease. But on Tuesday morning, the board voted to offer Medina a six-month extension while opening up the application process for a new food service vendor.

Medina can reapply for another contract, but at this point, a working relationship seems unlikely with the issues involved.

Tulare County Supervisor Phil Cox said, "There were issues with the delinquency, and the rent and the use of the building, before hours and after hours, so we had concerns there."

Medina says he was unaware about the delinquent rent but has since paid it off. He said, "It upsets me. I didn't want to get up to speak before the board because I was angry, and I was going to say something that id' be sorry for later on."

Despite the six-month extension, Medina is not sure if he'll stay open past the end of July, which is sad news for customers who've been coming here for years.

Marsha Chavez said, "I've been here for almost nine years and I enjoy coming here every so often because I can get my soda rather than have to go out."

Medina's will be celebrating its 15th year this Friday. And even though there's a lot of uncertainty about its future, it will stay open until at least the end of July.

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