Divers search for drowned man in Millerton Lake

FRESNO, Calif.

The Fresno County Dive Team will continue their search Monday morning for a man who drowned in Millerton Lake. Divers spent nearly two hours Saturday night searching for the man near the lake shore.

State park officials say the man is in his mid-20's. They say he was swimming with family and friends in shallow water near Boat Ramp 2 on the Fresno County side of the lake.

Witnesses say around 8:30 the man swam into deeper water to get a child's sandal that floated away. The man went under the water and never resurfaced.

"People like to use this area for day use because it's a nice flat bottom. Unfortunately it has hazards. Which means 10 yards off shore it drops to at least 20 feet very quickly, and a lot of people aren't ready for that," said supervising ranger Dan Yougren.

Authorities say it does not appear the man had been drinking alcohol while out at the lake. Divers will resume the search for the man's body later this morning.

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