No remorse from homeless man who killed host

FRESNO, Calif.

Donald Anderson had one chance today to apologize and express remorse to Weisser's family. Instead, he did the exact opposite in a letter the judge called "vile".

Donald Anderson stood just inside the doorway of the courtroom Monday, away from the other defendants, and wearing the yellow jumpsuit of an inmate with behavioral problems.

Those problems manifested in June when the 56-year-old transient murdered Michael Weisser and kidnapped Michael's wife Donna. Their son found his father's body in the house.

"Billy came home from work June 4 and entered a nightmare - bloody drag marks through three rooms of the house. He says he was petrified not knowing who'd be at the other end," victim's advocate Katherine Heinen said.

Mrs. Weisser chose not to speak in court, but had a victim's advocate read her letter to Anderson.

Michael Weisser was a People's Church member known as the "bread man" for delivering food to homeless people.

As part of their ministry, the family had taken Anderson in, fed him, and tried to get him off the streets - basically treating him like a member of the family.

After he killed her husband, Mrs. Weisser chose words of forgiveness from the book of John.

"Even yet, Don, if you will ask God, the scripture says 'He is faithful and just to forgive you even of murder and to cleanse you of every sin'," Heinen said.

But Anderson once again seemed to ignore the opportunity for redemption. He submitted this letter to the court, saying he meant to kill everyone in the house, not just Michael.

Action News was there when police arrested Anderson three days later and in his letter, he said his killing spree would've also targeted someone who helped lead police to him.

He said he has no remorse, and plans to commit more murders once he's sent to prison.

"He has, I think, anger. I think there's fear going on. This letter is a product of mental health issues as well," Scott Baly, Anderson's defense attorney, said.

Judge Jon Kapetan gave Anderson the maximum possible punishment for the charges against him. It's a life sentence with no possibility of parole for 72 years.

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