STAR test leak tied to Strathmore HS school student


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Some photos were linked to a student at a Tulare County school. A tenth grader at Strathmore High School was identified as one of the sources of the online leak as well as students at 11 other schools in the state. That means star test results will be delayed at two weeks until the end of August and scores could be determined invalid.

Porterville Unified Superintendent John Stavely said, "There's nothing really to be gained. You're most likely going to get in trouble, you're going to get caught and it's easy to track these things now that you may think it's cute at the time, but only has severe consequences down the road."

More than 400 images were posted in all, 36 were considered to contain testing information. The student at Strathmore now faces stiff consequences and the school could face sanctions stemming from scores which fail to meet growth targets.

In the video, Action News reporter Linda Mumma has complete coverage on the story.

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