Sanger man escapes Colorado theater unharmed

FRESNO, Calif.

Army Specialist and Sanger native David Pharris survived the Aurora shooting massacre, but just barely. David was with his friends inside the theater when, police say, 24-year-old James Holmes barged into the crowd, hurled a gas canister and then opened fire.

Shortly after getting out of the movie theater David left a voice message letting his father know what he was unhurt:

"Hey dad, uhhh it happened. We were in the movie theater and the guy walked in and he opened fire. He had a gas mask on. Threw tear gas and opened fire into the crowd. I'm okay don't worry I'm just in a little shock right now because of everything that happened. I mean some of my friends have gotten shot. One's not breathing, I don't know if he's dead or alive. His body is holding up but he could be dead. I'm still flipped out right now. I can't believe I almost died. Please give me a call if you can when you wake up and leave me a message. I can get e-mail here if too. I love you. Bye."

Jeff did get in contact with his son earlier today and told Action News, "I want my son home. He's been in the army for two years and my only child and I just want him to come home."

Jeff Pharris talked to Action News over the phone. He said David is still a little shaken up since their first conversation today.

In an bizarre twist, David told his father that he and his friends were sitting in the bottom section near the front row and decided to move up to try and get better seats right as the suspected gunmen broke into theater. Certainly his friends were injured but things could have been a lot worse for the Pharris family.

At this time we don't know the condition of his friend that was shot.

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