Cops in Visalia arrest man for wife's 2007 death


In 2007, Tena Geller died from a gunshot wound. Her husband was arrested, but was never charged in the case.

Investigators say new evidence and new information came forward in the 2007 shooting. Back then, police found the 44-year-old victim dead in her Harold Avenue home. Her husband had called 911, saying there was an accidental shooting. Terry Geller was arrested at the time, but never charged.

Geller was re-arrested at his Tulare County office Wednesday afternoon. But the victim's family members say they still believe the shooting was an accident.

The victim's sister, Frankie Johnson said, "I told you, I went and cleaned up the place because he couldn't go back. I sat there where my sister died. There was no way it was on purpose. No way."

If convicted, Terry Geller faces between 50 and life in prison.

In the video, Action News reporter Stephanie Stone has complete coverage on the story.

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