Fresno man celebrates 64 years on the job

FRESNO, Calif.

Harold Dennis is Pep Boys' longest tenured employee. He's always on the move restocking shelves at the Pep Boys store in Downtown Fresno.

Customers love Harold.

"If they come in and they want a screw or whatever they want, give them the same courtesy if they were buying a set of tires," Harold said. "Treat 'em right. Treat everybody with respect."

Colleagues and friends surprised Harold with a cake to celebrate 64 years of service at Pep Boys on Friday.

Harold is 84 years old. He's worked here since the store opened in 1948. Retirement's never been an option.

"If you sit you deteriorate. Take an old car," Harold said.

Harold's smiling face is one customers never forget.

"They'll ask about Harold. They'll be somebody in their 50s and 60s and say 'I remember Harold when I was a kid. He used to wait on me. I was 10 years old'," area director Bill Waters said.

The key to Harold's longevity lies in his attitude.

"You get up, you're happy. Man I'm walking and talking. Not only that you feel good about yourself," Harold said. "I think good, hard clean living."

Harold earned a permanent place in company lore in 1948 when he shooed three gentlemen out of an employees-only area.

Those three guys turned out to be Pep Boys founders Manny, Moe and Jack. Eight years ago at a corporate event in San Diego people sought Harold out.

Manny, Moe and Jack appreciated the fact Harold was a stickler for the rules. These days Harold works only on Fridays.

12 years ago at the age of 72 he decided to stop working full-time.

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