Valley boy's bike stolen before national championship

FRESNO, Calif.

While the family was en route to the race his bike was stolen.

Nine-year-old Hawk Hand, who had high hopes of winning a national motocross championship next week, is finding himself without a bike after it was stolen. Now the family who was on their way to the race is asking the community for help.

Cyrus Christensen gave us a walking tour of the dirt track he uses for speed.

"These are just little fun jumps that we do for practice," Cyrus said.

The Coursegold track's sharp turns and high jumps serve as a great practice course for motorcross racers like Cyrus, and his friend, nine-year-old Hawk Hand.

Hawk started off practicing on the track and is now competing at the national level in races.

"They're going to a really big race, and I was hoping the best for them," Cyrus said.

Hawk and his family were driving to the amateur National MX Championship in Tennessee when they hit a road block Thursday morning while staying in an Arizona motel.

"Dad woke up in the morning, went to go load stuff up and unlock the trailer and the bike was gone," Hawk told Action News.

Hawk's MX bike, valued at around $5 thousand dollars was stolen and with that his dreams of winning a national trophy.

Hawk's parents were devastated but decided to stay on course even without a bike.

"He races because all of his family and friends believe in him and they support him and it's a big family thing. Back home family and friends are rooting for Hawk and are thinking of ways to help raise money for a new bike before the race begins. But time is ticking," Rebecca Hand, Hawk's mother, said.

The race doesn't start until Monday and the family is planning to arrive in Tennessee by Sunday. They're hoping to have enough money to buy a bike by then.


Hawk hand's family is receiving donations to help purchase a new bike.

They provided the following bank information:Educational Employees Credit Union, account #: 702066110

If you have any questions, contact Hawk Hand's manager: Erica Pampaian, email:

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