Vandalism leads to business boom for Fresno bistro

FRESNO, Calif.

Several weeks ago the owners of the Dusty Buns Bistro bus parked their food truck in Fresno overnight and when the returned they discovered the truck had been vandalized.

Thieves had torn out the air conditioning units inside as well as stripped it of several major kitchen appliances. That meant the truck was no longer usable.

As a result the owners decided to focus their efforts on their restaurant located near Fresno High and open it for lunch. Now they say business in booming and they may have to hire more employees.

"I just think sometimes God gives us an opportunity and if we do it right it can keep going, or in this case, blossom in the community and more workers and more jobs for people and my team is shining in new ways," Dusty Buns Bistro owner Dustin Stewart said.

The owners say the lunch rush has worked out so well they plan to keep it around and when the bus is back up and running they plan to hire four more people to operate it.

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