Carwashes held for boy killed in Fresno crash

FRESNO, Calif.

Donovan was killed Wednesday night while crossing a cross walk on Shepherd near Millbrook in Northeast Fresno.

Investigators say 42-year-old Loren LeBeau was under the influence when he struck Donovan, his sister and father. LeBeau is potentially facing manslaughter and hit-and-run charges.

At last check Donovan's sister Bella was in critical condition. His father Jesse in fair condition.

People came throughout the day to the area where Donovan was hit on Wednesday night. Some have left fresh flowers on a memorial and others spent the day trying to raise money for the family's medical bills.

Among the participants were some of the kids Donovan Maldonado loved to hang out with and play football. Many knew him for his enthusiasm on and off the field.

But his coach Kyle Koontz says he will always remember the seven year old's strong heart.

"I remember the last practice, Wednesday night I had him at middle linebacker and he was going out there hitting kids twice his size and bringing them down," Kyle Koontz said.

Koontz is still in shock that would be the last night little Donovan, who wore a number seven jersey, would play.

"We are still kind of grieving the kids for sure don't know or understand, it happened so quick," Koontz said.

Now the community is washing cars to help the family with mounting medical bills. In Northeast Fresno PG&E trucks lined up to show their support. Donovan's father works at the company's call center with Amanda Kincade.

"Breaks my heart. I know nothing can help ease their pain but we are hoping with this carwash to ease some of the financial burden that they are experiencing," Kincade said.

Fresno State football players included senior linebacker Travis Brown also showed up to show their support for Donovan's family. Travis says he spent the day washing cars because he was touched by the death of the little boy who loved football and had a big heart.

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