Acting FTA president unhappy with election results

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno police responded to FTA headquarters Friday night just hours after the results of a recent run-off election were released.

According to a tally sheet released Friday night, Eva Ruiz is the clear winner by more than 250 votes. But her opponent, Mai Summer Vue, claims the union runoff election was invalid and Friday night she refused to leave her office.

The fight is over who was elected FTA president. On Friday night two police officers were called to the Fresno Teachers Association headquarters in Northeast Fresno after President Mai Summer Vue refused to leave her post.

"I told them that I am not leaving because the CTA gave me direction to stay until they're done with the investigation," Vue said.

The California Teachers Association is investigating if a second election for the Fresno union was needed.

The call to the cops was made just hours after ballots from that second runoff election were counted and results showed Vue's opponent, Eva Ruiz, was the winner with 613 votes compared to Vue who had 369.

"I'm just honored to be serving the teachers of Fresno Unified and I look forward to getting to work for the teachers and students," Ruiz said.

Ruiz had challenged the results of the first run off election after accusing Vue of distributing damaging campaign materials containing false information.

Following the results of a second runoff, FTA staff wasted little time making the change hiring a locksmith to come in and replace the locks to the front door.

But Vue claims the results are not legitimate and plans to appeal.

"I'm going to do the right thing, I don't want to put any of our members in anymore shock. I'm going to follow the process and procedures we have and I'm going to do that," Vue said.

Vue eventually came out of the office on her own. She now has 10 days to challenge the runoff election.

In the meantime, Ruiz plans to show up for work at headquarters for the first time Monday morning.

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