Merced Co woman accused of killing boyfriend

FRESNO, Calif.

The Merced County Sheriff's Office says 27-year-old Roberto Acevedo was shot to death inside an El Nido Mobile Home Park around 10 p.m. Saturday night.

Acevedo's girlfriend, 19-year old Grace Acevedo, has been arrested for the shooting.

Sheriff Pazin says the couple spent all of Saturday arguing. Around 10 p.m. Saturday night a 911 call was made from inside the mobile home.

The sheriff says Grace Acevedo told the dispatcher she had just shot her boyfriend.

The crime scene inside the El Nido mobile home is sealed off. Investigators say that is where Acevedo shot her boyfriend Roberto.

"Evidently they had been arguing, brawling, barking at each other for most of the day. He left, came back and tried to get back into the mobile home," Sheriff Pazin said.

Sheriff Pazin says it's not clear how Roberto got back inside, but he says when that happened Grace shot him with a rifle. He died later at a Merced hospital.

Both investigators and neighbors tell Action News the couple had a troubled relationship. One man who did not want to talk on camera said one or both of the pair was on drugs.

He says he often heard the couple arguing, sometimes around 3 a.m., and he says he could hear loud screaming.

The sheriff says it's not clear yet whether Grace shot Roberto in self defense.

"After our case is completed then we will let the district attorney review it and he will determine what charges, if any, to pursue," Sheriff Pazin said.

Investigators say the unmarried couple was living together and the only call for service the Merced Sheriff's Office has on record for this home is a welfare check from last year.

The sheriff says Grace Acevedo is being held in the Merced County Jail on homicide charges. He says it's unclear whether drugs or alcohol were involved in this homicide.

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