Pint for Pint Blood Drive is just around the corner

FRESNO, Calif.

Year after year, Valley residents take time out of their busy schedules and participate in the Pint for Pint Blood Drive.

"It's really something that the entire community tries to get involved in. It's very festive," said Dean Eller, Central California Blood Center President and CEO about the event.

By giving a pint of blood, people in turn get a pint of ice cream. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the pint for pint blood drive in the Valley, which has grown not only nationwide, but here at home too.

"The very first year we had 300 donors over a two day period. It has really grown now to where we probably have a little bit more than a thousand units of blood each and every day," Eller said.

This Friday and Saturday, the Central California Blood Center is hoping the community will come out and help restock its shelves with that valuable resource.

"Where you come in and you give blood, you're either going to save someone's life or prolong somebody's life and that affects the entire family," Eller said.

The donated blood goes to the 30 hospitals in the Central Valley and to others places across the country in dire need.

Ryan Roloff of Clovis has been donating at the blood center for the past year and says the experience is rewarding.

"I'm pretty fortunate and blessed in my life. To be able to help save people's lives without doing much, it makes you feel good," said Ryan Roloff.

As the Pint for Pint Blood Drive nears, the Central California Blood Center is hoping Valley residents will get involved and donate the gift of life.

"It's easy to do and a great way to give back to those that need some help," Roloff said.

Your donation equals about one pint of blood. That one point of blood can save three lives.

There are five different locations for you to choose from. To see this complete list, along with the hours of operation visit this link

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