NE Fresno residents fed up with dirty water

FRESNO, Calif.

Residents say they've been dealing with the dirty water on and off ever since a nearby water treatment plant first went online. One water sample taken last week showed water with a yellowish tint. "That looks pretty good, actually. I'd wash my hands in that and brush my teeth with that. But the other stuff, no," said Homeowner Shann Conner.

For years, the city has had water delivered to the residents in the neighborhood. While neighbors said that had been enough to pacify them, they now want a real solution.

Assistant Director of Public Utilities Martin Querin told Action News the city has determined the discoloration is caused by iron and the issue is in the homes themselves. "We know that the water that gets to their home doesn't have that in it. It's something that's happening between the point of connection to the city's system and the point of in in their tap," said Querin. He also added the water isn't harmful and is okay for use.

Still, residents said it's a pain. "Our clothes quite as white as they need to when you're washing white. You know, it's not necessarily practical to bring bottled into the bathroom to brush your teeth with that water," said Conner.

"I'm dumping the water back into the sink for the cats. I mean, God forbid they drink a little rusty water," Larkin laughed. Larkin said she's frustrated… but dealing with it.

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